Space Pi


Space Pi

Space Pi
SpaceWire Appliance Reference Board

‣ This communication board support 2 SpaceWire ports.
‣ This board compatible for Raspberry Pi3 extension connector.
- Operate without Raspberry Pi with standalone FPGA IP.
- Stack Raspberry Pi compatible extension board to operate.
‣ This boards can build High reliability, Low cost and Flexible network
- Installed low cost connector RJ45 as SpaceWire connector and MDM
connector ready.
- Provide sample software and FPGA IPs
FPGA_IP(SpaceWire_IP, Router_IP, I/O IP, Contral IP etc.)
Sample software on source code
- Could use this board for low cost educational board for SpaceWire.


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  • Specification
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  • Stack SpaceWire Pi board on Raspberry Pi
    Block Diagram

    Option : RJ45-MDM cables
  • FPGA Spartan-6(XC6SLX16-2FTG256I)
    SpaceWire 2 Port
    Lonk Speed:50Mbps(MAX)
    Raspberry Pi I/F SPI
    LED General:4 LEDs
    SpW Link:2 LEDs
    Power:1 LED
    Switch 8bit DipSW:1 (General)
    Push SW:1 (Reset)
    Size 65(W)mm × 56(D)mm
    Power +5V (Supply from Raspberry Pi or AC adapter)
    ※Option : AC adapter
  • Brochure _JP
    Brochure _EN
    ***Those files need password to open***
    ※Please refer the password come with the Space Pi Board
    File Date Download
    SpacePi H/W
    Manual/FPGA ROM File
    SpacePi H/W
    FPGA source code
    SpacePi S/W
    Manual/Sample Software
    SpacePi S/W
    RMAP Library (GitHub) Link
    ------ RMAP Library (GitHub)