IoT-Engine RZ/A2M

This SEMB1402 is an IoT-Engine standard CPU module equipped with a Renesas Electronics microcomputer (RZ / A2M).
Equipped with MIPI camera input I/F, HyperRAM, LVDS display output I/F (when a base board is connected), you can develop IoT devices such as image processing/analysis.
Acquired images and analysis results can be sent to the server via USB, WiFi, etc.

The product lineup is as follows.
・ SEMB1402 (IoT-Engine only)
・ SEMB1402/SEMB1312 (IoT-Engine and base board)
・ SEMB1402/SEMB1312/SEG (IoT-Engine, baseboard and SEGGER debugger set)
・ SEMB1402/SEMB1312/LVDS-LCDKIT (set of IoT-Engine main unit, base board, MIPI camera, LCD display and SEGGER debugger)
All are open prices.

Arm Cortex-A9 528MHz
Internal RAM 4MB
DRP 6 tiles

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  • ■ IoT-Engine RZ/A2M (SEMB1402)BlockDiagram

    ■ SEMB1402 option board connection diagram list (including those under development)

    ■ SEMB1402/SEMB1312/SEG (JTAG bundled product)
    * Includes JTAG debugger and cable

    ■ SEMB1402/SEMB1312/LVDS-LCDKIT (LCD display kit)
    * Includes JTAG debugger, MIPI camera, LCD display and cables

  • CPU RZ/A2M R7S921053VCBG
      Cortex-A9 528MHz
      Built-in RAM 4MB
      DRP 6 tile
    Memory SDRAM 32MB
    Serial Flash Memory  8MB
    External connection MIPI CSI-2 flat flexible cable connector x1
    IoT-Engine connector x1
    IoT-Engine RF expansion connector x1
    Evaluation component LED x2
    Push switch x2
    Power supply DC 3.3V IoT-Engine Connector
    Board size 30mm x 42mm
  • IoT-Engine RZ/A2M Brochure IoT-Engine_RZA2M.pdf
    IoT-Engine RZ/A2M Hardware specification IoT-Engine_RZA2M_HW_Spacification_EN.pdf
    IoT-Engine RZ/A2M Schematic (zip with password
    IoT-Engine RZ/A2M Base Board Hardware specification (zip with password)
    IoT-Engine RZ/A2M Base Board Schematic (zip with password)
    Software Installation Procedure (zip with password)