RH850/D1M1A ETS board


RH850/D1M1A ETS board

RH850/D1M1A ETS board

The RH850/D1M1A ETS board is an evaluation board equipped with the microcomputer RH850/D1M1A (Renesas, R7F701461).

This board Equipped with CAN communication and HDMI output can evaluate RH850/D1M1A for various purposes, such as image processing such as in-vehicle dashboard.
It is an open price.


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  • CPU RH850/D1M1A(RENESAS, R7F701461)
    Memory SDRAM 64Mbit x2
    OctaFlash 512Mbit
    External CAN x1
    HDMI x1
    Parts for EV LED x2
    Debug Connector
    Power DC12V ±10%
    Board Size Dimensions: 200mm×150mm (Excluding protrusions)
    Board thickness: 1.6mm
  • Brochure _EN RH850/D1M1A ETS board.pdf

    ***Those files need password to open***
    ※Please refer the password come with the RH850/D1M1A ETS board

    Hardware simple specification EN Click here to download
    Board schematic Click here to download