RZ/V2MA Evaluation Board Kit


RZ/V2MA Evaluation Board Kit

RZ/V2MA Evaluation Board Kit

This product is an evaluation kit equipped with Renesas Electronics MPU (RZ/V2MA). RZ/V2MA has a power-efficient AI accelerator (DRP-AI) and an OpenCV accelerator for AI pre- and post-processing.
The evaluation kit is equipped with a microSD card slot, LPDDR4, eMMC, USB host peripherals, GigabitEthernet, etc., enabling the development of various embedded AIs that require image streaming through these interfaces.
It is an open price.

AI Accelerator; DRP-AI
ARM® Cortex™-A53 (1.0GHz)  x2

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  •     SBEV-RZ/V2MA-KIT               SBEV-RZ/V2MA-KIT + RZ/V2MA Option Board

    RZ/V2MA Option Board
    * It need RZ/V2MA Option Board (Option) to evaluate the PCIe.

    SBEV-RZ/V2MA Block Diagram
  • Parts No. SBEV-RZ/V2MA-KIT
      SBEV-RZ/V2MA CPU Module
      SBEV-RZ/V2MA BASE Board
    CPU RZ/V2MA (R9A09G055MA3GBG)
      Cortex-A53  1GHz  x2
    Memory LPDDR4 4GB
    eMMC 16GB
    External microSD Card Slot      x1
    USB 3.1 Type-C        x1
    RJ45 Connector(GbE)     x1
    PCIe x2 slot         x1  (RZ/V2MA Option Board)
    Power DC12.0V (DC Jack / Terminal )
    Board Size (Excluding protrusions) CPU Module     60mm x 55mm
    BASE       113mm x 80mm
    OPTION      90mm x 60mm
    Options RZ/V2MA Option Board
      * It need RZ/V2MA Option Board (Option) to evaluate the PCIe.
    AC Adapter
      UNIFIVE SNT345-1238
      TT Electronics PSAD65-12-B1
      GlobTek, Inc. TR9CE5000CCP-N(R6B)
  • Brochure RZ/V2MA EV Board_SBEV-RZV2MA.pdf
    Hardware specification RZV2MA EV Board_Hardware specification

    ***Those files need password to open***
    ※Please refer the password come with the product.

    Schematics RZV2MA_CPU_MODULE
    Parts List RZV2MA_CPU_MODULE
    Parts Layout
    Pattern diagram<

  • Software Download from link ( Renesas Electronics )
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