RZ/A2M Eva-Lite


RZ/A2M Eva-Lite

RZ/A2M Eva-Lite
RZ/A2M Evaluation Board

This evaluation board is a two-board configuration mounted a RZ/A2M microcomputer (Renesas Electronics).

This board Equipped with MIPI® camera input, HyperMCP™, LVDS display output, acceleration sensor, USB, Ether, microSD card slot, can be evaluated for RZ/A2M various applications including image processing/analysis.

There are external interface I/F which are RS485 x2, UART x3, SPI x2, CAN x2, analog input x4, and could control external Serial servo etc. and supply input voltage (DC10-50V *1) .

*1: Standered Model 10-30V, High voltage Model 20-50V

There are software libraries for this evaluation board on GitHub (https://github.com/JiGoRo1969/semb1451)

Arm Cortex-A9 528MHz
Internal RAM 4MB
DRP 6 tiles

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  • ■ RZ/A2M Eva-Lite (SEMB1451-1452) BlockDiagram

    ■ RZ/A2M Eva-Lite (SEMB1451-1452)

  • CPU RZ/A2M R7S921053VCBG
      Arm Cortex-A9 528MHz
      Internal RAM 4MB
      DRP 6 tiles
    Memory HyperMCP™ Flash  64MB
           RAM  8MB
    Serial Flash Memory 64MB
    External Interface MIPI CSI-2 x1
    Ether(10/100BASE-TX) x1
    USB2.0 HOST(Type-A) x1
    USB2.0 Target(Micro-B) x1
    microSD Card Slot x1
    RS485 x2
    UART(1/2wire) x3
    SPI x2
    CAN x2
    Analog input x4
    LVDS output x1
    External I/O(GPIO/PWM/DRP)
    JTAG(ARM, Half pitch 10pin)
    Other 9-Axis Sensor(BMX055) x1
    LED x4
    Push Switch x3
    Power DC 10-50V *1 2pin Connector
    DC5V USB(Micro-B)

    *1: Standered Model 10-30V, High voltage Model 20-50V
    power consumption 9W(typ)
    Size 50mm x 80mm
  • Brochure RZA2M-Eva-Lite_EN.pdf
    Users Manual (rev.1.03) RZA2M Evaluation Lite HWSpecificationUsersManual 10V-30V Rev1.03.zip
    RZA2M Evaluation Lite CPU Board Schematic (rev.1.05)
    (with password)
    RZA2M Evaluation Lite Extension Board Schematic (rev 1.05)
    (with password)
    RZ/A2M Eva-Lite
    software library