- Provides 200Mbps SpaceWire packet transfer via TCP/IP socket to/from PC.
- Implements a SpaceWire router and the software-less TCP/IP stack on the FPGA.
- SpaceWire Link status monitor LED (4 LEDs)
- Timecode generation and send out function


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    Connection Via LAN

    Block Diagram

  • Function FPGA: XC7A200T-1FBG484C
    SpaceWire: 4ch
    GigabitEther: 1ch
    Memory: DDR2 SDRAM 1Gbit
    Link LED : 4bit
    Speed SpaceWire: Max.200Mbps
    Ethernet : 10/100/1000Base-T/TX
    Power +5V/1.5A(Typ)
    USB Type-C
     *NOT Supplied the AC adapter with this unit
    Size 136mm(W)x74.6m(D)x25.2mm(H)
    Weight 330g
  • Brochure SpaceWire-to-GigabitEtherR3 SP34EB002E.pdf

    ***Those files need password to open***
    ※Please refer the password come with the SpaceWire-to-GigabitEtherR3

    File Revision Date Download
    hardware specification
    1.00 2024/05/21 SpWtoGbER3_HardwareSpecEN
    PC Soft
    1.51 2024/05/24 SpWtoGbER3_PC_Soft_Rev1p51
    IP address setting software
    1.00 2024/05/24 SpWtoGbER3_IP_App_ver1p00
    Written file
    SpaceWire to GigabitEther R3 bin File
    1.00 2024/05/24 SpWtoGbER3_FPGA_Bin_Rev1p00