R-Car S4 Starter Kit


R-Car S4 Starter Kit

R-Car S4 Starter Kit
R-Car S4 Starter Kit

The R-Car S4 Starter Kit is a low-cost, readily available development board for building software using the Renesas R-Car S4 system on chip (SoC). The SoC delivers high computing performance and an array of communication features for both cloud communication and safe vehicle control. Engineers can take advantage of the new kit to easily start their initial evaluation of car servers, connected gateways, connectivity modules and more, for rapid application development.

CPU1.2GHz Cortex A55 cores           : 8
1.0GHz Cortex R52 cores(lock-step)     : 1
400MHz RH850 G4MH cores(lock-step)   : 2

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  • R-Car S4 Starter Kit
  • CPU   Eight 1.2 GHz Cortex A55 cores
      One 1.0 GHz Cortex® R52 dual core (lock-step)
      Two 400MHz RH850 G4MH core (lock-step)
    Memory   LPDDR4X (4GByte)
      LPDDR4X (4GByte)
      UFS memory (128GByte)
      uSD-card socket x1
    Connectors   CN1 RJ45 for ETNB0 (100BASE-TX)
      CN2 SoC Debug 1
      CN3 Fan
      CN5 Micro-SD card slot
      CN7 LIN, 1 channel
      CN8 Power input, 5V/4A
      CN9 CAN-FD, 2 channels
      CN10 SoC Debug 0
      CN13 Micro-USB-B for dual-serial and configuration
      CN18 Expansion connector (bottom)
      CN21 Expansion connector (bottom)
      CN23 Trace aux signals
      CN24 Expansion connector (bottom)
      CN30 PCIe root complex/downstream channel 0, 2 lanes
      CN31 PCIe endpoint/upstream channel 1, 2 lanes
      CN43 Remote (Power enable, Reset)
      IC101 RJ45 for TSN0 (1000BASE-T)
      IC104 RJ45 for TSN1 (1000BASE-T)
    Board   Power input, 5V/4A
      Dimensions 110 x 127 mm
    AC Adapter (Option)   Recommended
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