R-IN32M3 Module Evaluation Board (SEMB1320)


R-IN32M3 Module Evaluation Board (SEMB1320)

R-IN32M3 Module Evaluation Board (SEMB1320)
Evaluation Board for the Industrial Ethernet Communication Module (R-IN32M3 Module)

This product is an evaluation board, equipped with Renesas Electronics RIN32M3 Module for industrial EtherNet.
This board embedded RX66T MCU and it can operate as single board or CPU cardboard on 24V Motor Control Evaluation System.

Code Flash Memory 1MB
Data Flash Memory 32KB

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  • ■ R-IN32M3 Module Evaluation Board (SEMB1320) Blockdiagram

    ■ R-IN32M3 Module Evaluation Board (SEMB1320)

    ■ Combination the R-IN32M3 Module Eva board (Control board ) and the 24V Motor Control Evaluation System

      Code Flash Memory 1MB
      Data Flash Memory 32KB
      RAM 128KB
    External Interface USB Micro B(Power input only) x1
    JTAG(E1/E20/E2/E2 Lite Emulator) x1
    Inverter Board Connector CNA, CNB
    Hall Sensor x1
    Encoder x1
    SCI(not mount) x1
    Expansion Pin Header(not mount) 16pin x1
    Other EtherCAT ID setting(Rotary SW)  x1
    General purpose(Rotary SW) x1
    General purpose(2bit-DIP SW)  x1
    Protocol indication LED 3bit
    Protocol status LED Bi-color(2bit) x2
    General purpose LED 4bit
    Power DC5V Supplied from the USB(Micro-B) or Inverter Board
    DC3.3V Supplied from the Inverter Board
    Current consumption Motor Control 60mA(typ)
    Ether 260mA(typ)
    Size 80mm x 110mm
  • Brochure R-IN32M3 Module Evaluation Board (SEMB1320)_EN.pdf
    (zip with password)
    R-IN32M3 Module Evaluation Board_Rev1.04.zip
    ※You can download the user's manual and sample software from the this link below.