Halley IoT Module


Halley IoT Module

Halley IoT Module
Halley IoT Module

・ Powered by Ingenic M150, up to 1.0GHz, embedded 128MB LPDDR
・ Support Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
・ Support Bluetooth 4.1
・ External interfaces to LCD, audio, SD card, USB, UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, PWM, GPIO etc.
・ Support 8MB SPI Flash
・ Open source Linux 3.10 operating system



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    Form factor Modular board with 3 connector, J1(1x15), J2(1x15) and J3(2x9), and the lead pitch is 2mm.
    Dimensions 24 x 40 x 2.4 mm.
    Processor Ingenic M150 SoC, up to 1.0 GHz.

    - GPU: low power 2D GPU.
    - VPU: H.264 720P@30fps decoding.
    - Embedded high quality audio CODEC.
    - Embedded 128MB LPDDR.
    Memory 8MB SPI NOR flash.
    Wi-Fi Broadcom 43438 single-band 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n.
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1 (Bluetooth Low Energy), Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.
    Clocks 24MHz, 32.768kHz; 26MHz (Wi-Fi/BT).
    Display (12-pin) 8-bit parallel interface, 8080 and serial RGB mode.
    UART (10-pin) 3 groups, two of them with hardware flow control.
    I2S (4-pin) 2-channel I2S interface.
    I2C (4-pin) 2 groups, one group complexed with PWM.
    PWM (2-pin) 2 groups, complexed with I2C.
    SPI (4-pin) Up to 50Mbit/s.
    MMC (3-pin) 1-bit MMC, up to 50Mbit/s and 32GB.
    CODEC (6-pin) MIC, Line-in and headphone.
    ADC (2-pin) 2 channels 12-bit ADC.
    USB (4-pin) USB device 2.0 and USB host 1.1.
    JTAG (5-pin) Standard JTAG interface.
    Input 3.3V.
    Power consumption tandby (No radios): 2mW.
    Standby (Wi-Fi): 10mW.
    Supported OS Linux 3.10.
    Code availability Open source.
  • 本CPUモジュール(Halley)は、MIPSプロセッサ(M150)を搭載したIngenic社製IoTモジュールです。