SBEV-RCAR-KF-M04 (Advanced Model)


SBEV-RCAR-KF-M04 (Advanced Model)

SBEV-RCAR-KF-M04 (Advanced Model)
SBEV-RCAR-KF-M04 (Advanced Model)



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  • Features
    Multi Display & Multi Camera Max 8ch & Selectable camera LVDS IF for in-vehicle connection
    Max 3ch Displey output
    Wireless & In-Vehicle network WiFi/BT/x2 CANFD/Ethernet AVB/MOST50
    Optimized for In-vehicle peripherals and interface
    Easy to start automotive Linux Best suited for AGL and GENIVI development
    All technical documents and basic software will be obtained from pages
    File name Revision Date Download
    Hardware specification EN1.11  2018/01/16 Download
    Hardware specification JP1.10  2017/09/04 Download
    Board schematic3.1  2018/08/02 Download
    BOM list3.1  2017/08/11 Download
    Assembly drawing1.00  2017/09/12 Download